3 Ways to use ECAS


Web interface


Use a web browser to access ECAS. As a user, you can manage your own folders, upload files and share files with someone securely using password-protected links. Administrators can check the status of the ECAS Appliance and manage his users’ and their access rights via the web interface.


Mapped Drive


Once you setup your PC and mobile devices to connect to your ECAS account (via WebDAV), a mapped drive will appear on your PC. You can now see your files residing in ECAS. You can save or delete files in the mapped drive and the actions will be synchronized to all your devices connected to your ECAS account. ECAS permits a flexible use and can be integrated as a network drive under Windows, Mac and Linux systems.




There are hundreds of available WebDAV apps in the mobile phones and tablets that will work with ECAS. These Apps can be used to access your ECAS account securely from anywhere, edit it or share it with third parties as ECAS works with the open web standard.

Since ECAS is using the so-called WebDAV protocol, it can be connected to Windows computers, Apple computers and Linux PCs aswell as iPhones and iPads. For Android are WebDAV clients available aswell. Thereby all WebDAV clients that uses TSL or SSL encryption are usable for ECAS. A access without TSL or SSL encryption is not possible with ECAS. A quick search for "webdav" in your AppStore, Google Play and other sources brings a quick overview of usable apps and synchronization tools.

ECAS is simply the better Alternative to usual Cloud Services when we talk about Security, Privacy and Confidentiality

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