What is ECAS?

The alternative – safe and autonomous space for the Cloud!

ECAS is your self-managed extended storage for the cloud, which allows all users to upload files, filesharing with third parties and to retrieve and update it. It is versatile as it works with all OS that supports WebDAV.



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Despite the high security standards that are adhered to, ECAS is easy to use. Files and folders in ECAS are synchronized with your devices. You can access them through any of your devices or through a browser. ECAS works with Windows, Mac and Linux OS as well as most WebDAV apps on mobile platforms.

Secure and Confidential

All files in ECAS are stored in a Crypto Container. Each user’s storage space is private. Each ECAS system operates autonomously with its own IP address, its own operating system and its own database. The system even has a firewall and a Brute Force Prevention system built in.

Always available

Files on your ECAS system are automatically synchronized onto all your devices. You can set up your devices to sync with ECAS easily on Windows, Mac, Linux and mobile OS like iOS and Android as ECAS works with WebDAV. A wide range of clients are available for all systems.


With ECAS privacy is paramount. Neither Provider nor SECUDOS, other third parties have unauthorized access options through backdoors. With ECAS, even if it is hosted in an IAAS environment, you own the Crypto storage Container and hold the Crypto Key. No unauthorized access is possible. No privacy is compromised.

High Security Standards

Every company, law-office, chamber or organization gets a full and separate software instance, including the operating system. Sharing of ECAS software resources with users from other organizations will not happen. No two companies share any part of the software or OS. This means, there is no chance for a user to “wonder into another organization’s data store.” Each organization has its own Crypto Container, where all data are stored. Within this Crypto Container each user has his own private space. All other users from the same organization do not dispose of either write or read permission.

In the worst case individual organizations could be affected, but never the dates of thousand accounts of different organizations as each company is given a separate instance, there is no danger of user from one company accessing the space of another company. The resources are not shared. ECAS, as a summary is offering high security within an affordable scale without promising 100 % security, indeed there is simply no way for it.

In addition, ECAS incorporates a Brute Force Prevention technology which makes access even more secure.

If these safety standards are not sufficient, you can add client certificate authentication as an additional layer of security. The user is entitled to further activities but only when he owns a certain certificate and this must be proved by a short request of ECAS at its PC.

Key Features

  • Encrypted transmission, highly encrypted storage in Crypto Containers
  • Files available – anytime – anywhere, even on mobile devices
  • Share files with others – simply safely, with Password and PIN
  • User access rights are defined based on the role of the user; easy to understand, not convoluted
  • ECAS storages is mapped as a network drive on Windows, MacOS and Linux through WebDAV
  • Wide range of clients for Windows and Mac desktops PCs, Apps for iOS, Android & Windows Phone
  • Access through web interface (File Browser) is also possible
  • Available as a Hardware Appliance, a Virtual Appliance or asa Cloud Appliance hosted in Germany
  • Additional security can be imposed using client certificates authentication

Ease of Use

In spite of the high security implemented, ECAS is surprising easy to use. A user just has to set up his PC and any other of his mobile devices to sync with his ECAS account and the files he saved into ECAS will be available on all these devices. His ECAS storages appears as a mapped drive on his PC.

An automatical versioning of elder/former documents will not take place. Archiving of elder versions is solely in the user’s responsibility or the responsibility of a document management system, which can be operated independently from ECAS.

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