The ECAS Variants

3 variants available:

There are 3 choices: Hardware option ECAS-Box, Virtual Appliance (VM) or the ECAS Cloud appliance, hosted in Germany. While the hardware appliance and the virtual appliance are hosted in the customer’s network, the cloud appliance is immediately ready-to-run without any change. The files of all ECAS variants remain always in your hand only.

  • Hardware Appliance

  • Hardware, Software and Operating System Operationally Ready to use Desktop Appliance for use on your own network.  hardware appliance icon 


  • Virtual Appliance

  • Very easy to install solution, including operating system to run in your virtual environment (VMware, KVM, Hyper-V).  Virtuelle appliance icon


  • Cloud Appliance

  • Online solution which is ready for immediate use, with own operating system and own database, including Crypto Container. The provider simply provides the infrastructure, but has no access to your files.  cloud appliance icon



Direct Comparison:

 Hardware ApplianceVirtual ApplianceCloud Appliance
Own operating system (DOMOS)
Own database
Own Webui for operating system administration x

Crypto Container for self-administration (512 Bit Key)

Operation in your own network x
File browser (via WebUI)
SSL/TLS-Client certificates possible possible possible
Software updates
Unlimited users
Own SSL/TLS certificate possible possible possible
Languages: German and English
Licensing storage storage storage


Tags: Privatsphäre Vertraulichkeit Verschlüsseln Synchronisieren Cloud Appliance

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